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Vaqueros Ranch Olive Oil
Alhambra Valley
Contra Costa County, California


about us

Vaqueros Olive Ranch is a small family farm producing exclusively Spanish Arbiquina olives for oil production. The orchard is designated organic and the olives are drip irrigated, and hand-picked and paddle shaken into nets. Care is taken to press the olives directly following the harvest to guarantee the freshness of the product. Typically the oil is non-filtered, bottled, and designated Extra Virgin Oil. Each crop is dated to assure a fresh product. Numerous gourmet restaurants in the Bay Area have purchased our oil for use on their menu or in food preparation. We promote and support the Buy Local, Buy Fresh philosophy.

The oil is light, slightly pungent, with a soft buttery flavor. It is delicious for dipping with freshly baked bread and for use in salads and vegetables, and due to the delicate nature of the oil, it is often favored in fish, pasta and lighter dish preparation.

We take pride in the quality of our product. It is truly a labor of love. We sincerely hope you enjoy our gourmet specialty oil as much as we have in its production and preparation.


    Charlie James

(Alex James)

(Sky Ziegler, Adam James, Paul James)
Photography by Lawrence Migdale

Vaqueros Ranch Olive Oil, Alhambra Valley, Contra Costa County, California